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About us

Mr. Abubacker (Born 30th may 1971) is an Indian entrepreneur.

He is the founder and managing director of UBIKA MARKETING SOLUTIONS.

      He started his career as a sales man in 1988 in 1992; he
established a new business outlet ALBA COSMETICS in Kozhikode city by
linking with metropolitan cities throughout India.

     ALBA has been importing and selling the products of all leading
international branded cosmetics.

    As a hardworking business man who developed his business from a
big shopper boy in to a business man, Mr.Abubacker had become one of
the richest entrepreneurs. While he is an active social worker who has
the better place among the political, social, and cultural

    A well known marketing company was the vision Mr. Abubacker and he
started UBIKA MARKETING SOLUTIONS in early 2018. During short period
of time he gained the well attention of the business field.